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Friday, 30 August 2013

Dynamic Versus Static URL's in SEO

Dynamic and Static URL's in SEO

From previous discussion you know that how much the search engines dislike the images in a website from SEO point of view. All efforts of making the website fascinating by putting images and flash videos on a web page by designers become useless. One more important thing is that the dynamic URL’s are also disliked by search engines. Search engine did not like the URL’s of this type ‘ =18’. Such URL’s are also disliked by the users because the website is not cleared that to which content it belongs. In comparison to dynamic URL’s, the static URL’s are much better. The dynamic URL’s are not consistent which means there are some sites in which a person has to submit forms. In this case it is very difficult for the search engine to categorize it and it is very difficult for search engine to crawl on each form for every different person. These kinds of pages did not exist in the directory of search engines.

If there is an already page submitted by a user and it was in the directory of search engine, then next time when a person log in this page  and if that page contains so many questions and symbols in it then it was skipped by the search engine. Once there was a time when search engine never searches the dynamic pages but now a day it started indexing them but the problem is that the process is too much slow as compared to index static pages.

You also don’t have to stick with the static HTML pages because there are some sites that needs database and that sites have an address in dynamic only. You can overcome this problem by serving your pages and your users to the search engine in a format that was easily index by it. One of solutions to this problem is to rewrite the URL in such a format that was friendly to the search engine so they will appear in a browser just like a normal static HTML pages.   

Backlinks Categories Imperative in SEO

Backlinks Types Significance in SEO

Backlinks are so much essential because it indicates the popularity of that site. Search engines like Google gave importance to those sites that have more backlinks and considered them a more relevant site than the others in a search query. There are two categories of backlinks that play significant role in SEO.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Meta Tags Substantial in SEO

Meta Tags Significance in SEO
Importance of Meta Tags in SEO

Meta tags also play an essential role in search engine optimization (SEO). It describes the whole summary of your page. These are not visible by the human beings but only searched by search engines. The Meta keywords and Meta description are two of the most substantial Meta tags. The Meta tags are in the contents of your page. There was a time when search engine gave significance to the keywords in Meta tags that are imperative for the ranking of your site but now a day’s algorithm has been changed a lot.

Description Meta Tags in SEO

Description Meta tags are those that best describe your website. You have to write a brief description in this Meta tag about your website so that search engine like Google will display your description on the main page.When it searches and brings more visitors to your sites. When you write good description then you will be able to get more traffic to your site.

Keywords Meta Tags in SEO

Keyword Meta tags includes a list of possible common phrases that best describe your website and you have to write them. Some of the search engines will not gave such importance to keywords Meta tags but there is no shame in it to try some short keywords like ‘colour or color’ and also include some wrong spelling keywords. This is a chance to boost your website a little then why you should avoid it. 

Robot Meta Tags in SEO

In this tag you have to specify that which pages you do not allow search engine to search. There are some contents on which you are working and are not totally completed and if you want that these pages must not searched by search engine then you have to write the list of those pages in robot Meta tags. 

Selection of Suitable Keywords in SEO

Choosing Of Proper Keywords in SEO

Picking of Legit Keywords in SEO
Collection the right keyword is the most important and initial step of optimizing your page. When you are successful in optimizing your page by collecting the appropriate keywords then you are on the right track of SEO otherwise you will be on a road with so many bumps and you just waste your all time and money. You have to gather the proper keyword according to the queries entered by different persons and before selecting it there should be a long list of it. You should choose those keywords that best describe your website.

It would be a rare chance that you get your site at the top by using a string of one word in a search at once. As you know that now a days the webs are full of lot of pages so it was very difficult to attain your site at the top by using a string of one word. So using at least two or three strings of word will be beneficial.

For example: if your site is about ‘food’. Then you don’t have to choose a keyword of just only ‘food or foods’. So you have to choose like ‘food recipes’, ‘cooking foods’, and ‘delicious foods’ as a keyword. There is a chance that someone can use these words also but don’t worry about this so you have to be very careful about choosing keywords that are not surplus in amount and should be unique so there should be a less competition between same kind of sites.

The most important thing you have to do is to choose those keywords that best describe your contents of the page and you know very well that what kind of phrases the user uses in a search engine. Put yourself at their place and you will know how a person searches for anything.

One thing you must be careful about keywords that you don’t have to only consider that how much searches has been made in a month but also keep in mind how much is the relevant information in your website.

Number of Keywords inn SEO
Amount of Keywords in SEO

The next step after choosing the keyword that best describes your web page is the density of keyword you use in the whole web page. Greater the numbers of keywords you use in the rest of your web pages higher are the chances of getting top in the search engines. There are no such rules or restriction of using surplus quantity of keywords but you can use at least 5 to 10 keywords but not hundreds of them on a single page. When using huge amount of keywords in a page the search engine will consider it as an artificial thing and the adverse effect of this is that the search engine abandoned your page because that strategy of manipulating so much amount of keywords in a page will considered as illegal.

Places of Keywords in SEO

The keywords are more important at the place of page title, main headings and in the initial beginning paragraph rather than using so many keywords at the bottom paragraph of the page. When the number of keywords you use in the page title, file name, sub headings, paragraphs are equal to another person then the only thing that differentiate you is having a keyword in the URL. That will increase your ranking.

Keywords for URL, File Names in SEO

The domain name and the URL name play an important role in SEO. For instance assume that your site domain is about ‘food’ or ‘foods’and site tells mainly about how to cook foods then you have  to choose URL name as ‘food cooking’ rather than ‘Recipe making’. The first one URL has more importance than the other URL because two of the keywords are used that is relevant to the content of the page.

It is best to use at least three keywords in the URL because it is very difficult to remember such a large URL for anyone and also for himself because websites are not only searched by you but from all over the world. Keywords also play an important role in the file name because some of the search engine gave importance to the file names. Let’s have an example suppose one of the site names is ‘’. The second one is ‘’ and the third one is ‘’. Whereas the first one is better than the third one but second one is better than both of them. The advantage of file name is that they are easy to change.

Keywords for Page Title in SEO

Keywords also play a keen role in page titles. Most of the search engines like Google display the contents of the page by seeing the page title tag. One can also leave it empty and the search engine will open it as an untitled document. The page title can be as long as you want. If you are working as an SEO then you have to write in a page title tag.

Keywords for Headings in SEO

Separate headings for each paragraph play an important role in SEO. It is useful when there is a keyword used in each headings of paragraph. You can use a number of headings by writing their lengthy names in the heading tag but a common sense says that too much long headings become worse so choose words that are less than 7 or 8. The most important matter you have to consider about is the displaying of heading on the page. The first heading will be considered as <h1> that has  a large font so if it is more than 7 or 8 words then it will go on next line that is not suitable for the search engines.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Content Significance in SEO

Importance of Content in SEO

Today most of the people are working on their websites and copy so many contents from other site to their site for the purpose of doing SEO that really deteriorate significance of content. The other thing they do is just posting some random keywords on their site page in content for the purpose of high ranking in the search engine. Both of these activities are wrong because a viewer spend so much time on your site and want something in return so write a purposeful content to get the attention of the readers.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Videos, Pictures uncategorized by Search Engines in SEO

Videos, Images not Categorized by Search Engines in SEO

As I told you before that search engines did not consider about any video, images, flash videos etc. It only searches your text in the whole page and that should be meaningful. According to your information it categorizes your file. For instance if you have a text in your page like ‘so many years ago’ then you have to write the description in the Meta tag and the search engine will rank that information. A day will come when the search engine searches your videos and images but this is just a dream come true.

Images Importance In SEO:

From a website designer point of view images are essential part of a page and considered them, most important content of the web page. Now the designers and the search engines are at different poles. From search engine point of view if the image is describing some information then that information is lost. It is very difficult to explain designers that using the links with anchor text are not only for the fanciness but these are mandatory part of the page. A designer should create a balance between images and the SEO and if you did not do his then your site will be lost on the internet so you can use some images for the decoration of site to some extent.
I did not mean to say that you should not use the images in your site page because the site that contains only text are also become boring for the viewer so you can use those images that just illustrate your text. Keep in mind that you can use images for the decoration but not for the navigation purpose and one more thing you should avoid the fancy texts with large fonts on your web pages. You should use meaningful name to the images rather than just displaying image1.jpg, image2.png, image3.gif etc. use short text for the images because using too much long words will look like stuffing of keywords and it look suspicious by the search engine.

Animation and Movies Importance In SEO:

The use of animation and movies are also not good for the SEO purpose. Just like images they are also not searched by the search engines. It looks fascinating to have a flash movie at the front page of the website from the designer point of view but from search engine view it is a SEO killer. If the whole incident about any topic was described in a flash movie then it is useless for the search engine. One way is to provide a HTML version to the search engine of flash movie but do not forget to exclude the original flash movie from categorizing by writing in a tag of robot.txt file. It needs more explanation for the beginners to understand so it was not written in this tutorial. A small hint is that if you did not do this you will be banned from the search engine.
There are so much rumour about the search engine like Google that it starts to search all the animation movies especially .swf format of flash movies that contain a unique Meta data. Avoid from using a cluster of flash movies and use less quantity with a short description in text format with it.

Frames Importance In SEO:

Frames also play a worse role in SEO. It was good to see that they are diminishing slowly from the web pages. If you go back 5 or 10 years then it was considered an important tool for the designers but not for the search engines. The problem is that the URL of all pages was same and it was very difficult for the search engine to categorize them and also did not know which frame was opened at which page. One thing that arise in your mind that by providing a link of other pages on one page will solve the problem but from search engine point of view it was a great hurdle for it. 
If you still persisting on using the frames in a website then you have to add some meaningful information that best describes your website in a <noframe> tag and also for the users whose browser did not support frames.

 Java script Importance In HTML Pages: 

It has a great importance in HTML pages. Everyone knows that to make HTML more functional you have to need some programming. As you know HTML is not a programming language for making of web and it cannot be used to store information in a database. So to make website more functional you have to use some other languages like JAVA and PHP. The search engines will never search the page that was encountered by the java script. It was very difficult to explain it in detail here.

How to get traffic on your website through SEO?
Search Engine Boost Your Traffic Through SEO
Content Significance in SEO
Selection of Suitable Keywords in SEO
Meta Tags Substantial in SEO 
Backlinks Categories Imperative in SEO 
Dynamic Versus Static URL's in SEO  

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Search Engine Boost Your Traffic Through SEO

SEO, Search Engine Increase Your Traffic

The most important way to increase your traffic to your website is to optimize your site by using SEO technique. This is the only way to make yourself visible to search engines and they will increase your ranking at top of the page. They will provide you more visitors to your sites and the companies will contact with you for their website advertisement promotions. The truth is that SEO is not only the ways to get high traffic to your sites similarly search engines are not only source of accumulating more visitors for your site. There are so many online and offline methods to do this but I am not going to discuss it in this tutorial but I can say you that this is the easiest way to do it by using these techniques.

 Submit Your Site To Search Engines:

When you have done the optimization of your site then there is a time come when you have to put your site to the search engines. You don’t have to do so much extra work for it but just only submit your site to the search engines and they will crawl your site. This is not exactly happen like this and not so much easy because it is very difficult to say that at which time the search engine will search your site first and only thing you can do is to just invite them. You just only submit your URL pages but this does not mean that search engine will hire your site at first glance. It might be possible that search engine did not crawl or visit your site. Any way you can submit your pages to the URL of these websites such as Google, MSN and yahoo.

 Submit Your Site To Search Directories:

After submitting your site to the search engines now you can submit your site to search directories. Search directories have list of search engines that searched according to given submitted information. They are different from the search engines in all aspects. First is that they are managed by humans and the site will never submitted after the approval of relevancy of information. Second is that you have to submit your site to these directories and you can stay in whenever you like.They did not crawl URL’s of the sites so you have to contact with them. The most prevalent search directories are DMOZ and Yahoo.  

Submit Your Site To Forums:

The other way to promote your site is by posting your links in the forums of other website. You have to find such forums that are of great interest for the people and are commonly used. For example if you like ‘electronic forums’ then write it in a Google search engine then you obtain a list of those forums that are related to electronics. But keep remember some of these forums did not allow posting the links of other website for the promotion. Posting links in other forums consume so much time but the reward is so good.

 Increase Traffic by Specialized Search Engines:

There are so many other search engines rather than Google, MSN and Yahoo which are used for the general purpose. There are some other specialized and general purpose search engines that are used for the increase of traffics. These specialized search engines are related to some topics that are educational, news based and tourism. Some of them are enormous sites and contain information about specific topic and also have a section of submitting the links of other websites. So when you find some specialized web sites then start posting your site URl. This is the most efficient way to increase traffic rather than getting at the top of Google.

 Post Links In Paid Ads:

Besides posting your links in specialized search engines, general purpose search engines, forums and directories you can post your link to the paid aids. The search engines accept payments of posting links to the paid ads. This is most efficient way to appear in the search results of search engines but you have to also keep in mind that people did not go for the paid ads and prefer normal ones. Also by giving money to search engines is just like bribery. Most of the people choose this way to get popular at least time but this is not the right way because people did not focus on such sites rather that appearing in a normal way in search results of search engines. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

How to get traffic on your website through seo


Whenever a person write a query in any of the search engine then a list of possible websites will appear according to the query he or she enter. A person will obviously go for the first website that was at the top of page and considered it was relevant to him or her then a person scroll down a mouse to see other websites if the first one is not relevant. Did you ever think in your whole life why some of the websites are ranked higher? It is because of a technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).