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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Security Through Genie Intelligent Lock

Advanced Genie Smart Lock for Safety

Genie Smart Lock
Genie the smart lock consumes in less power compared to other smart locks, Smart locks are pretty quickly and that is why the makers of Genie Smart lock designed this battery becoming more in use and gaining more popularity because of security purposes. Many security locks run out of their battery.Genie smart lock in a way which uses less battery compared to other security locks. The main area of focus hence was made on battery consumption in the Genie Smart Lock. The price of this Genie Smart Lock is as always given in the end of the article.

Genie Smart Lock let's the owners unlock the door with the help of a smart phone through the use of Wifi and Bluetooth it accomplishes this purpose.The good thing is that the owners can unlock their doors from any place where they are without having to go to their house like if somebody comes at their house but this thing can be accomplished mainly when there is a Wi-Fi connection available. They can also simple unlock their door by just walking to the door with the smart phone. Not only this guests or other people can be granted temporary door unlocking permission as well, so these are really good features of the Genie Smart Lock which consumes less power.
The battery life of genie smart lock is guaranteed to be as 12 months per charge compared to just one month of other smart locks per charge so this is a great advantage and the main point which is responsible for more sales of Genie Smart Lock, the batter life aim is achieve by making use of Bluetooth low energy (BLE), as the lock gives out BLE signals while the Genie hub receives those signals which is also a part of this Genie Smart Lock system, this makes less energy consumption possible as the Genie Smart lock is not connected to any internet connection and neither is scanning for it.

Genie Smart Lock has another key included for emergency locking purpose since battery comes to end at one point or another, another good feature of Genie Smart Lock is that the lock works with standard 54-mm door holes and this helps it to be able to replaced with another lock without leaving anything or any kind of trace so this can be really helpful for those people who live in rented places.

Now coming onto the price of the Genie Smart Lock there are two prices set, the pre-orders can be set on for $249 this would include: lock, the hub, 2 traditional keys, a Bluetooth fob and also in it are two Bluetooth eKeys included, while the one which is more expensive is of $329 the only additional thing in it is the unlimited Bluetooth eKeys.

Arc design HD Sony Bravia S90 TV

Sony Bravia S90 The Curved HD TV

Sony Bravia S90 
The Sony has debut new high resolution HD TV called Bravia S90 in the market in competition with other companies.

Given the frequent displays of one-upmanship from LG and Samsung over the last few years, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they were the only companies to manufacture UHD televisions. Of course other players like Sharp, Panasonic and Sony have all been knocking out 3,840 x 2,160 resolution TVs for at least as long as LG and Samsung, some even longer. Sony Europe has today announced that it's joining the curved 4K TV sparring ring with the launch of its Bravia S90.

The Sony Bravia S90 UHD television will be available in 65- and 75-in models, with a "precisely-calculated curve" that looks to be somewhat less pronounced than the curve on the gargantuan examples from LG and Samsung. Nevertheless, Sony Europe says that viewers can look forward to "spectacularly immersive, natural-looking 4K pictures" at four times the resolution of Full HD TVs.

As you might expect, both S90 flavors are packed with Sony display and audio technologies. You'll find its Triluminos Display for more vivid reds, greens and blues than on conventional white LED screens, X-tended Dynamic Range that automatically adjusts display brightness and contrast and the X-Reality Pro picture engine, which upscales regular TV broadcasts and Blu-ray movie entertainment to up to four times as many pixels as High Definition. And both models come with two pairs of active 3D glasses for stereoscopic viewing.

The TVs come with a built-in 4.2 channel Multi-angle Live Speaker system that uses separate drive units to mimic immersive surround sound. Two woofers have also been incorporated inside the curvy TV for some extra low end thunder, and viewers also have the option to link up an optional wireless sub. ClearAudio+ Discrete Processing has been included too, to keep the original multi-channel mix intact. There's also an integrated webcam and microphone for big screen video chats.

Unfortunately, Sony Europe is keeping tight-lipped on pricing and availability at the moment, and it's not known when (or even if) the new TVs will be shipped Stateside.