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Friday, 22 August 2014

Nomiku with WI-FI system makes Sous-Vide Cooking easier

Nomiku 2 Nomiku Sous-Vide including Wi-Fi now makes cooking easier:

A wifi has been added to the Nomiku's sous vide cooking moreuser-friendly and more easier for it's users, as we know cooking is a dailything in homes so a wifi has added to Nomiku's sous vide cooking has madethings more accessible as the sous vide cooking can be accessed through a wifiand it can be remotely controlled to browse through the recipes. The team whichdid this is Nomiku immersion circulator and they have really done a good job.The new model is said to be more powerful and also smaller, which can be seenas an added benefit.
This sous-vide cooking system has vacuum sealing food, theimmersion circulate makes sure that the temperature/heat is kept constant. Thenegative point is that the cooking process is not a fast one, it also dependson the type of dish which we are cooking, for example cooking meat can takelike even 48 hours (that is like two days!) but again the good/positive pointof this sous vide cooking system is that the food once it is cooked tastesgreat since it becomes tender and in a way cooked in the best manner whichmeans that sous-vide gives a good fruit for our patience in the end.
Previously these equipment's (sous vide) were mainly used atrestaurants and not in homes because of their high costs but now products ofNomiku's for example the Anova have lower costs making their price even gounder $300, which means that it has become more accessible to everyone.
The Nomiku 2 has been improved by replacing the previouscoil heater in the sous vide to the PTC heating unit, it is even though now more compact but it has been made moreefficient as it uses 1150 watts of power and this reduces the time span neededfor cooking using this sous-vide by about 15%-20%, along with it the touchscreen size has been increase and not only this the new one Nomiku 2 useslesser water and is designed with only a single knob for controlling thetemperature, it's compact shape makes it easier to clean as well.

Nomiku's inventors are also aiming on making their sous-videsimpler, they will equip this (sous-vide) with 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi which couldbe controlled through a smart phone app which would be named as Tender Appsince this is how people would be able to browse through and share sous-videsrecipes.

Well the Nomiku's sous vide would in starting be mainlyavailable to US/CANADA citizens, a $10 shipping fee would be added for Canadiancitizens, while they would be able to get it in a price of $149 mainly and in2015 the US version would cost about $249.
Image taken from arstechnica.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Spark Watch: The watch which keeps you awake, acts like an alarm - Spark Watch

Spark Watch – Spark Watch : The Watch which keeps you awake.
Spark watch, we can say it the waking watch or even the watch which keeps you awake is a special kind of watch which is being made for people to keep them awake during important times, this watch does not let users sleep and it sparks them when they are in a state of falling asleep, we all know time is very important and so this watch is made for us to realize it’s important as well.
How does the Spark Watch work?
The Spark watch would have two included motion sensors, one of these a three-axis accelerometer would detect the velocity of the person’s movements while the second one which is a 3D motion frequency sensor would measure how often these movements take place by how much time intervals we can say it in a manner, the watch when it senses that it has remained still for a long period of time it just starts its 12 volt vibration motor which is also adjustable and then like this it buzzes the user to get alert again. So the spark watch works in rather a simple manner while doing a very important job for its users.
Specifications of the Spark Watch ?
The specifications of this Spark Watch are not that much unique, the Spark Watch is simply water resistant plus it has a stainless steel body along with it, it has a full colored 240 x 240 (1.63 inch) screen as well and it is light weight only has a weight of just 100 grams which is tenth of a kg.
The price right now is stated as about $49 but after it is retailed the price which might be set if about $150.
What makes a Spark Watch different from other Watches?
As we know simple watches only tell us the time or we can at most set timers/alarms at those watches to let us know that it is the time for that specific work of ours however the Spark watch apart from telling time helps to keep us awake as well at all times when we are wearing it so that we do not fall asleep at an anonymous place.
What if one wants to really sleep and is wearing the Spark Watch?

If one wants to sleep he/she cane easily just go to bed and just take the watch off from their hand wrist and the watch would automatically be out of its ON mode.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Solar Cells which cool by themselves (Self-cooling solar cells)

Solar Cells which cool themselves

Self Cooling Solar Cells
Cooling cells system has been made now. Solar cells and solar systems as we know are getting widely used now; solar cells or we can say Photovoltaic cells are a good source of alternative renewable energy since solar system is going to stay and would not run out like the fossil fuels. Talking about what solar cells/Photovoltaic cells these are quite simple, they do not have any kind of moving parts but they are emission free and also very clean. However the problem is that solar cells/photovoltaic cells are quite inefficient that is they get heated up or get over-heated which is not a positive thing.
How do the solar cells cool by themselves?
Stanford University team under the supervision of Electrical Engineer Shanhui Fan created this system/made this discovery that is developed self cooling solar cells to make them more efficient.

How do solar cells self cool – We are living in the world of technology which is increasing day by day and modernization plus development is taking part in every part of life and things related to life. Now getting to the real thing how solar cells self cool, The Stanford University system used mainly a glass layer patterned with micro-pyramids and cones to shed/relieve heat so that the solar cells could easily cool off themselves by releasing heat from the cells.
Why is cooling done in the manner described above?

Why is cooling done in the manner described above – There are other active systems of cooling like ventilation or through coolant pumps but these systems consume more power on other hand the passive system of cooling is not used since it can hamper/hinder with the solar panels own operations. So this is the reason that solar cell cooling is done in this manner which is that these cells are covered with a very thin layer of that is ornate with silica glass which is designed in a way to release heat from the cells, the best thing is that this system does not require any energy.
Why solar self cooling system was needed?

Why solar self cooling system was needed - According to research of the Stanford Team the efficiency of solar cells/photovoltaic cells dropped by about 0.5% on each degree Celsius heating, the worst thing was that these solar cells needed self cooling because the amount of efficiency doubled as the heating increased so this was a real need that self cooling solar cells system was introduced and discovered.
Hope you liked our article relating to how solar cells system helps to cool the solar cells/photovoltaic cell.