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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 4 and Grand Prime

The main points that would be discussed in this post are the price, review, features and specs of Samsung Galaxy S6, Note4 and Grand Prime. These are the latest samsung smartphones which are in high demand in the market. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 :

Samsung Galaxy S6 price, specs and feature
Samsung Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 was released in April, to start with it comes in with more better features and body. Starting with the body Samsung has changed its back of the body from plastic to glass back, not only this aluminum edges have also been introduced. The dimensions of this latest smartphone are 5.65 x 2.78 x 0.27 inches and it weighs about approximately 140 g to the nearest 10th digit. If you are looking for a slimmer phone. That’s not it, it now has a Gorilla Glass 4 back panel plus this one takes on the Nano SIM along with fingerprint sensor. The world slimmest smart phone also support the Nano SIM.
Now hovering over to the specs of Samsung Galaxy S6 we have a Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, the screen size is slightly above 5 inches and this one provides a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. On the inside we have an Android 5.0.2 Lollipop operating system and it is a quad core 1.5/2.1 GHz. But there is no card slot available instead it comes with internal storage of 32/64/128 GB and almost forgot to mention this one has 3GB RAM. 
Samsung Galaxy S6 has a camera of 16 MP, the features include GEO tagging, touch focus, face detection and Auto HDR. In the sound system Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a loud speaker and a 3.5mm jack is also included and at last coming onto its battery which is not removable is a Li-Ion 2550 mAh one.
According to user’s experience the camera quality is exceptional also it seems faster to them. The phone is almost as light as an IPhone even though it has a bigger than that plus it has a good display quality which makes it even better.
In general the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a perfect competitor to the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus although IPhone took the lead in the screen size but still this one is cheaper and focuses more onto the specs. The price of Galaxy S6 starts about $700.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 : 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price, specs and feature
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released in October 2014 and has managed to attract a large part of community towards it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a stylish smart phone with slightly curved edges and it comes along with a S Pen (Stylus) . This product of Samsung was first announced in September 2014. The Note 4 supports a Micro SIM card and has with it a finger-print sensor. 
Describing it we can first of all take a look at the weight of the Galaxy Note 4 which is about 176 grams and its dimensions are as follows : 6.04 x 3.09 x 0.33 inches. This Samsung product does not only have the attractive looks but it also has good features which make customers want to have it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as in case with the S6 also has a super AMOLED capacitive touch screen along with the 16M colors.
If we compare the screen size of Note 4 with the previous S6 we would come to notice that the this one has a screen which is bigger, to be exact the screen size is 5.7 inches and its resolution is 1440 x 2560 pixels, not only this but multi-touch is also available and it includes Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. Again the operating system of this smart phone is also Android but it has a 4.4 KitKat version which can be further upgraded to a 5.0.1 Lollipop version.
Coming onto the inside, its chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and it is also a quad-core mobile and this just keeps on getting more better since it has a processor of 2.7 GHz and this one includes a micro SD card slot plus an internal storage of 32 GB, still remembering it’s ram which is 3 GB now this ram is a similarity between S6 and Note 4. 
Galaxy Note 4 has a camera of 16 MP and features include optical image stabilization, LED Flash plus auto-focus. We can expect the picture quality to be good in this case since the pixels are 5312 x 2988. The smart phone also includes alert features which are basically vibration, MP3 or WAV ringtones. Obviously we have a loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack available in this case as well.
 Other things included are a GPS system, an infrared port along with a micro-usb slot available, but too bad it does not have a radio availability. Good point is sensors such as heart rate and accelerometer are also included. That’s not the end for it, it has availability of quick charging, air gestures and some other features are also included. Battery type for this smart phone is Li Ion 3220 mAh which enables it to give a battery timing on 20 hours in case of talk time and 82 hours for playing music.
Coming back to the appearance we will now have a word about the colors in which it is available, these are white, black, bronze-gold and pink. Talking about its price that is about $713 (American Dollars) and well that’s all there is to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Grand Prime :

Samsung Galaxy Prime price, specs and features
Samsung Grand Prime
Well Samsung Grand Prime is more of an economical smart phone made for those who want good features in low costs, even though this mobile is not that much highly enriched with the exact features as those found in the other galaxy series but still this one is quite elegant in its own way.   
The Samsung Grand Prime after being announced in September was made available for purchase in October. This is a smart phone which is lighter than the ones we have previously mentioned, it weight about 156 grams however the main reason seems its screen size which is 5 inches. The dimensions of this phone are 5.70 x 2.84 x 0.34 inches and the unique thing is that it supports dual SIM’s. This smart phone does not support Nano SIM’s though but rather micro-SIM, it’s still fair. Grand Prime does not have an LED screen, alternatively it has a TFT touch screen (capacitive) and 16M colors. Talking about resolution which is 540 x 960 pixels with multi-touch also made available.
Prime attains Android operating system while the version is 4.4.4 KitKat with Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410, which is the chip-set. Again we are seeing a quad-core phone however with a 1.2 GHz processor but it is reasonable. The GPU is Adreno 306. Making our way to its memory which is 8 GB internal along with the 1 GB ram and this smart phone supports micro SD of up to 64 GB. 
The main camera is of 8 MP which has a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels, here the auto-focus and LED flash are still available. Looking on to the features of the camera, the noticeable ones are geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection and panorama. Samsung Grand Prime also has a second camera which is of 5 MP. 
The loudspeaker and the 3.5mm jack are again included plus the alert types which are WAV ringtones, vibration and MP3, so as we see these are same for all three the prime, S6 and Note 4. Well Samsung Grand Prime supports FM radio along with the GPS. Other features included are the accelerometer, proximity and compass so Prime is actually quite decent in specs as well. 
It consists of a Li Ion 2600 mAh battery which provides the user with a talk time of about 17 hours while it allows playing music for about 75 hours. In its color range we have 3 colors available, you can guess them quite easily, these are white, grey and golden, there should have been a black one included also but turns out it’s not an option. The Grand Prime gets 7 out of 10 using statistics available to us.

Comparing Samsung GALAXY S6, NOTE 4, Grand Prime and S5 :

In this section, we would compare designs, features and specs of these Samsung Smart phones, starting with the body we can see that the Galaxy Note 4 takes the lead over here as the S6 and Grand Prime have nearly about the same screen sizes. However at this stage Nexus 6 can be also seen as a choice if you want some good screen size.

Talking about S6 and S6 edge, these do not have that much extremely distinct features, so that is why we would not focus much onto S6 edge. Only Grand Prime has a camera which is 8 MP while the rest two are set equally as previously mentioned, although other sound related features are the same for all three mobiles. 
Putting some light onto the Android versions, we can notice that Samsung’s S6 has a plus point in this case, the Note 4 has a KitKat version although that is upgradable while the one in Prime does not seem to be upgradable. One noticeable point is that S6 does not have a card slot while that has been included in the latter ones, so in this case we can give some credit to the latter ones. 
Comparing like this can rather seem to be boring so we would now be straight-forward in what we want to actually say. According to what we have talked about in this post, we have come to the conclusion that if you have budget and want a quality smart phone you should probably choose the Galaxy Note 4 over the S6, since it has a good long lasting battery as well, on the other side if you do not want to over-spend on a smart phone then you can choose the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, it might not be highly competitive to the ones mentioned above but still it cannot be degraded as it is a decent model as well.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

lenovo smartphone and android watches with mood showing shoes

Lenovo advancing in technology : Mood Showing Shoes and advanced Smart 

Lenovo is going to reveal smartphones, big screen smart watches and mood dependent shoes with virtual or projected screen as a exceptional feature as compared to other existing smart phones.
 In the recent technology event Lenovo has looked on the new possibilities and future developments
Lenovo Smart Watch
inthe field of smart watches, smart phones and has applied this concept further on mood displaying shoes. Lenovo wants to change the future of smart phones that do not need to be necessarily touch directly on the screens but rather projected displays could be used instead making it more fun and easier for the user to use the advanced smart phones technology. Well Lenovo is not only thoughtful on the smart phones only but have rather came up with something to be introduced in smart watches also, the smart watches screens might get an increase in their size by like 20 times compared to the screens currently. Lenovo feels like replacing the smart phone with a smart watch which would be having more functionalities, this can be seen because of their Magic View concept, the thing is that smart watches display seems to be limited to them so they want to make it more bigger and better, so that customers while using cannot only just get notifications or be able to see the time. The Magic View smart watch concept seems simple enough because it would offer a virtual kind of screen that would be used to for example view a picture although the smart watch would need to be raised to a certain level.
Lenovo comes with a Smart Cast view as well, in this they are planning to have a built-in laser
Lenovo Smartphone
projector inside the phone along with the motion detector which would be used to cast a virtual image or more like we can call it a touch screen. This screen would allow a keyboard to be displayed let’s say on a horizontal level surface but the twist is that it is not only going to be limited to this rather it would enable the users to do stuff like perhaps sketch a picture. If we look into the history we would see that a similar concept was applied by Samsung earlier though the response was not that high as expected, however advancing in technology and being able to have more functionality of this kind in smart phones is a good desire. Coming onto shoes, Lenovo is thinking about Smart Shoes now, so what basically do they mean by smart shoes? These smart shoes are more of fitness and mood detectors like a fitbit flex or Moov, they would track data related to the users health and also the
Mood Display Shoes
mood of the person. Yet these shoes could be used as an alternative to maps, the more focusing thing is that they have a screen portion on the sides of the shoe and this is where the mood of the person would be displayed.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Awair : Air Monitoring Equipment

Awair: Air Monitoring

Awair Air Monitoring
Inthis era, fossil fuels are being burnt at consistently due to which theenvironment is being polluted rapidly especially in big industrial cities. Thepower plants and cars contribute most in polluting the air in which we breathein. However clean air as we all understand is essential for life and if we areconsistently breathing in low quality air which contains high concentration ofpollutants such as carbon monoxide then that could be really dangerous for ourhealth.
Nowthis is the reason why Awair has been introduced in the market, Awair is aproduct of BitFinder, Awair monitors the air in our home with the help ofmultiple sensors. Awair would provide us with information which we could use toimprove the quality of air in our houses. We can for example use it for givingus recommendations on perhaps reducing the chances of allergies. Awair works bytaking multiple readings of different factors which affect the air such ashumidity of air, the room temperature, plus concentration of dust and air pollutants such as carbon dioxide / carbon monoxide, these include some organic compoundsas well. These all factors are taken into consideration before it provides theuser with the Awair score.

Anotherthing which Awair also does is that monitors the person behavior in the room,not only this but it gives recommendations on how to bring about a change inour way of living for improvements in air quality. This product can be usedtogether with some other devices such as purifiers and filters so that thesecould be used in a combined way. This can also be connected to a smart phonewith the help of Wi-Fi. Now coming onto the shape of Awair, this is also prettyneat and tidy, first of all it has a compact design and it is not much spaciousso thus it can be put almost anywhere easily. It size is 16 x 9 x 5 (cm). Theprice of Awair is $149.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Wearable Technology : Best Wearable's to buy in 2015

Latest Wearable Tech Products

Technology is advancing day by day so it feels good to keep updated with the latest wearable’s available in the market as well, that is exactly what we would discuss over here, about wearable technology. We would start our list with a wearable released just recently .

Apple Watch

1 : The Apple Watch : Released on 24th  April the Apple watch nowadays greatly in focus. The Apple watch was introduced with 3 versions, casual, sports and the gold edition. The screen size of this watch is 1.32 inches, while battery life is of up to 18 hours and it has an iOS operating system along with a capacitive touch screen, Bluetooth, Wifi and not to mention the Apple Watch comes in with numerous choices in terms of color combination and styling.

2 : Nixie : Almost all of us like to take selfies but only few of us might be knowing about Nixie, it is main made to take selfies, it is designed as a drone with a camera that follows users in mid-air and takes their pictures or makes videos, and yes we can wear it as a bracelet after we are done using it.

3 : Oculus : Now this one is indeed impressive it is a head-mounted virtual reality display, the Oculus gives a view of a full circle angle and it can be used with headphones to make things more real and thrilling. The Oculus Rift however has not been released yet hopefully we would see it in the upcoming year.

Kairos Watch
4: Kairos : Until now the watches available were either traditional or smart tech watches, however Kairos would be unique in one main aspect, these would have a traditional and along with it a tech touch. Kairos have an OLED touch screen, availability of Bluetooth for connecting with devices plus a battery life of about a week since it contains the traditional analogue for time.
As in case with Apple watches, Kairos come with 3 color choices.

Fitbit's Flex

5 : Moov : A new device made for fitness conscious people. Moov acts as a training instructor, it helps the user to become more better with the workout. It assists the person training to get his postures accurate, not only this but it also offers inspiration to boost the confidence in the trainee.

Blocks Watch

6 : Blocks : Surprisingly this is name given to a smart watch, Blocks smart watch would bring a change that would replace your need to buying a new cellphone every year, it would have a 2 GHz processor. Well this is not the only thing, Blocks would also pave way to a 8 MP camera plus a SIM card. It would allow us to add third party modules through the Blocks store.

Fitbit's Flex
7 : Fitbit’s Flex : This is a fitness wristband which is available in a variety of colors but it’s not contained till its looks it also has appreciable  features. First thing it keeps track of our day’s activity, it also monitors our routine and facilitates wireless syncing. It is also water proof and has a good battery life.

8 : LG G Watch R : This watch is one of the best looking watches which have been recently released. The watch is water and dust proof and is compatible with version of Android 4.3 or higher versions.

9 : Ringly : Ringly is a small smart watch, it keeps you updated with the notifications of your apps, emails and social networks, it does this by syncing with your smart phone.

Breitling M2000

10 : Breitling M2000 : It might seem like another common watch but it comes with its own specialties, this is a stylish watch for deep sea divers as it has been stated as water resistant to up to 2000 meters under the sea. It is priced at $3575.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Floating Solar Power Plants in Japan

3300 MWh floated solar power plants

Floating solar power plants in Japan
The two floating solar power plants have been constructed in Kato cities of Japan i.e. Nishihira Pond and Higashihira Pond. Thefloating solar power plants become successful with the assist of two partners, Kyocera Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation with persistent efforts. Such solar power plants have a capacity of 3300 MWh annually and having ability to provide electricity to 920 houses.

The electricity generated through floating solar power plants is safe and build in the context of Fukashima incident happened in 2011. The most important thing with such type of solar power plants is that they generate more electricity than the roof based equivalent. The reason is the efficiency losses due to increase in temperature for panels situated on roof but in this case the solar panels are cooled constantly with the underneath water.

The modules were installed on a platform of high density polyethylene having the ability to withstand condition of typhoon and also help solar modules to float on surfaceof water. The area covered by floating solar power panels is large thus results in impeding algae growth and also reduces water evaporation.

The future plan is to boast 50,000 modules on a Yamakura Dam reservoir and having a capacity of about 15,635 MWh annually.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy saving windows (Facade) 

Energy efficient windows
The offices in the building with lots of glass windows provide a great view for the employers but from energy efficiency point of view it is not economical. This is because of the sunlight that pours into the office thus results in raising the inside office temperatures and leads to operate the air conditioning for cooling.  The Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology in Germany has done a research on this issue and able to create a light blocking facade on mirrors that will not allow light to enter into office. The facade was developed in coordination of Fraunhofer with Weissensee School of Art in Berlin.  

It was designed by one of a student named Bára Finnsdottir. The façade was an array of circular shaped small umbrellas made of a fabric type material with wires running through them. Such wires are made up of an alloy of nickel- titanium. When sunlight strikes on these umbrellas the wires heated up and allow the circular shaped umbrellas opened up till the sunlight disappears. Such façade has the characteristics of open and close according to intensity of light. So the façade become translucent as sunlight disappears or the clouds came in thus allowing the circular discs to be shut down.

Such kind of façade can be easily retrofit on surface of glass windows and also within the pane in case of double door windows. The façade can be designed in different shapes and sizes and can only be used to cover the desired area of a window.      
More research is going on in making façade of such kind of material that will absorb such thermal energy and release it during night in order to generate electricity from it or by using flexible solar cells in front of windows as a facade that will withstand such closing and opening position.

The demonstration of that technology as a working prototype will be shown on 13 to 17 April 2015 at a industrial trade show of Hannover Messe.    

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Petrol from Tissue Paper

Petrol made from Tissue paper

Petroleum is basically a very necessary product in this century and is used for many purposes, it is not only used as a fuel but in making medicines, plastics and various other products which we make use of in our daily life.

Tissue Paper
Now talking about that whether petrol can be made from tissue paper might be surprising but yes now it is possible to make petrol from tissue paper, not exactly tissue paper but by using tissue paper waste we can now make petrol.  Petrol Is a very important fuel without which technological advances might be stopped but now a girl in Pakistan did her thesis  of in making petrol (bioethanol to be more specific) from tissue paper waste and she turned out to be successful.

The bioethanol which she produced can be used in car engines and thus can be used as an alternative. Bioethanol is better than petrol because it is an environment friendly fuel which means that less pollutants would be released into the environment, according to her when bioethanol is used about 80%-90% less greenhouse gases are released into the environment thus it would be an ideal fuel since it would not prove that much harmful to the environment.

According to her 150 ml of petrol (bioethanol) can be made from using 1 kg of tissue paper waste. Which means that huge quantities could be made if the manufacturing of petrol from tissue paper waste is done at a large scale.

Do you think that it is better to use petrol made from tissue paper rather than crude oil?

Health and Technology

Technology and Health (Benefits of Technology) 

You might have noticed that technology is benefiting our health but how is it benefiting our health? Read the full article and you will find out that what good (virtuous) effects technology has on health.
The first thing is the internet factor, research has shown that more than 60% of people search health related things on the internet now this tells us why there are a lot of health sites, people do not only use it to search things like how to lose weight or how to gain muscles since these are very common but now medicines and health care products are being purchased through online stores and people are even able to solve their health related problems online by interacting with doctors who also now can be found on the internet that means it is reducing the need to go physically to a hospital to get a simple checkup as it can be if not entirely but still can be done to an extent online, check this life saving product which can be now used at homes :
Now coming on the next thing which has its own importance and which shows a major role in saving millions of lives and giving people more chances to survive, the advanced medical equipment and machines such as those used treat brain tumors, gamma knife surgery, heart pace makers and many more. Let’s not forget that without these medical appliances diseases would have been more severe to dealt with. So this is one major way in which technology is lending us a hand to stay healthy.
Next item which we can highlight in this article is the mobile technology which has improved to a great extent making communications cheaper and easily accessible that has also laid a new gateway to solving health problems just from simple touch on phone which means that if we can access doctors from anywhere in the world and get in touch with them although this might not be needed that much but still contacting doctors even in the same city at any hour of the day when we might have some problem regarding our health we can solve it without having to wait. So as communication gap has been over-come through technology it serves as a health service. Not only this technology gives doctors a better chance to specialize in their fields as well.

Apart from this we are able to access information about different diseases and get to know more about them, it helps us in taking precautionary measures which proves helpful to us. Moreover medical trends of different diseases are also taken in note by search engines such as Google which are helpful during research and possibly show how the success ratio by which a disease is controlled.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Wearable Technology MC10 Biostamp

Wearable Technology : MC10 Biostamp

Mc10 Stamp (source :
Well first of all coming to what Mc10 Biostamp is actually, to put it in a simple manner Mc10 Biostamp is a very thin electronic sheet which is just like a sticker that can be laminated or put onto our skin. It is somewhat like a bandage which can be put onto our skin but its purpose is a little bit different that is, it is used to monitor rather than to be put onto a wound for healing. This is used to monitor our psychological data which includes our heart rate, the temperature of our body, the thing is that we can use this data to track multiple disorders one example can be like heart failure. Mc10 Biostamp is a cheap (not sure about the actual price)but a good quality monitoring system which we can use by remaining in the comfort of our home which means that we might not even need to go to the hospital for this purpose and we can simple make use of it right at our own place. The best thing about it is that it enables family members to keep a check onto let’s say a patient in their house so definitely it is a useful product especially for those who do not want to stay in the hospital for long time.

However it can be still used by doctors also to treat their patients, an added benefit of Mc10 Biostamp is that it can be used to monitor babies heart beats as well even though they seem to have soft skin but this work completely fine for them. 
Now coming onto directly how it works, it works rather like a key logger since the Biostamp sends data through an app to the user and thus the user is able to easily monitor his/her own or of someone else’s health remotely. 

The Mc10 Biostamp is going to be further worked on to take it to another level where it could be used as a permanent implantation inside the human body and other parts of the body where it cannot be used till now for example work is being done onto it to make it such a product which can replace the heart pace makers. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Compacting CPU Inside Mouse Box

Mouse Box PC

CPU Inside a Mouse Box
The technology is getting revolutionized each day and the size of devices becomes diminutive. This sort of innovation is done for the ease of people by compacting things that are easily portable. Now the new advancement is going to be done regarding size ofa CPU by compacting it inside a mouse called ‘Mouse Box PC’. The only thing that needs is to interface keyboard and a screen with it to make it fully functional similar to a laptop or desktops PC.

The most fascinating thingis its size that provides the facility to take along with you at the place of presentationwhere projectors or monitors are available. The Mouse Box PC will replace thelaptop bag, exerting weight on shoulders with a simple pocket. The processing speedof ARM CPU inside a mouse will be 1.4 GHz dual core. The flash storage provisionedby it is 128 GB with a two USB 3.0 ports and micro HDMI output as an interface.The Wi-Fi facility is also available by such a mouse shaped PC. The only drawbackis the unavailability of enough storage room provided for personal programs andfiles but this thing is compensated by the Chromebooks where you don’t have to takesuch heavy data in your CPU memory. There is also some working done on a correspondingmouse pad to use it as a normal mouse. For instance, there is a button providedon it that will act as a switch from normal mouse to a CPU while duringworking.      

The prototype has beenmade and is fully operational and just waiting for the investors in order tomake it commercially available. According to its specification it will not runon a heavy OS (operating systems). The OS that were going to be used are ChromeOS or Linux and no more information has been revealed up till now. The pricewas also not declared but Mouse Box PC developers have said that it will beavailable inexpensively all over the world. Till now the funding has beengranted and Mouse Box developers have shared a video. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Avy's Elegant Amplifiers in a Tablet

Avy's Smart Speakers in a Tablet

Avy's Smart Speakers in a Tablets
Smartphones, tablets and the sort are the new big thing to everyone, who’s anyone, interested in the spectrum of features one may brag about to another. However, despite their all-new technological superiorities against one another, the devices are seen to be neglecting music cravers of today. It is indeed visible that a little attention has been given towards mobile devices regarding development in their audio section by making add on speakers less attractive sound wise. Now the Avy Smart Speakers will be going to debut at CES 2015 and is designed in a way that Android-based tablet and a Hi-Fi system will be merged for the audiophile. Zettally’s Avy Smart Amplifier is connected via internet device focusing on the flexibility of a tablet combined with great stereo potential weighing about 1kg (2.2 lb). Yeah, it sounds a bit odd to actually carry it around in the market but it’s meant for domestic use that "will turn on the soundtrack, connected to your life," but that device can still be portable.

The Avy is actually a tablet itself and doesn’t need any stand accompanied with powerful amplifers, we’re talking big here. It is a brilliantly elegant all-in-one sort of thing, not needing external additions. It has a Lollipop (5.0) OS enabling it to run common apps as well, while instating a musical playlist for the entire day with songs being streamed from the net, another device or Avy’s own memory even.

Apart from that videos can be streamed from Youtube and Hulu with a content display on screen through HDMI or Chromecast. Hence it is a perfect accessory for comforting and workout and can be used as a television in kitchen, providing interface to Skype, or as an alarm clock.

The Avy comes in black or white colors, is driven by a quad-core ARM 1.0 GHz processor with DDRIII RAM of 1 GB.  A memory of 8 to 32 GB and can be extended up to 64 GB via microSD cards. For connectivity it supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. It requires a power of a 14.8 Wh from rechargeable battery of lithium-polymer. Avy controlled through 7 inch screen of TFT with capacitive touch with 1024 x 600 pixels and also controlled remotely. A device also supports video conferencing through front-facing VGA camera and integrated microphone.

The two speakers of 5 Watt are the main attraction with proprietary sound chamber and waveguide. The speakers dimensions justify within the specification of Avy that is 35 x 11.7 x 12 cm (13.7 x 4.6 x 4.7 in) and attracting public towards its pace at CES where Zettally hopes to attract the sponsors in order to go for a kick starter campaign to meet its initial amount of US$50,000 that is going to be started at 12 of Feb.

After campaign the Standard model will be for US$129 and the Pro for $169. The retail price has not been set whereas after 12 Feb the pre orders will be for US$169 and US$229.

Written by: Salman Tariq