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Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Ring Watch

Ring Clock Wear on Finger

A Ring Clock
There are many other forms of watches for instance wrist watch, pocket watch etc. The evolution does not end to this so there is another innovation of introducing a new concept of watch i-e a Ring Clock or Ring Watch. The team behind this idea has launched a funded campaign in support of this idea to bring into the market.

As watch is also available in a mobile devices and also there are many expensive watches of different brands. The people demand for new innovations and thus in essence of this a Ring Clock has been introduced as a new concept in this fray of watch.    

The ring clock is designed by Gusztav Szikszai in 2011 for the competition. Ring clock is impossible to prepare it now but may be feasible in 10 years. It became into reality just two years before and it is far from its completion time. Ring clock is wear as a ring in a finger.

Ring Clock Showing Hours, Minutes &Seconds
It is designed in such a way that it consist of two rings, upper and inner ring, intact in such a way that it looks like a one solid chunky stainless steel ring. The upper portion of ring watch relates to hours. The lower section represents minutes and the last segment is dotted one that corresponds to seconds.     

Wireless Charger for Ring Clock
The inner part of the ring watch is fixed that sits on your finger and the outer part is rotatable so it will be easy for you to turn to the correct time that is illuminated by the LED’s. There is also a battery in it that last for two hours and can be recharged from its wireless Q charge pad. The battery is not replaceable and has a life span of three years.   

The team is actually looking for a fund of about US$287,000 from crowd and advocated Indiegogo to make that Ring Watch into reality. This watch cost about $195 per person with extra charges of about $15 for shipment for those that are outside the UK. The designers say that model is conceptually wise completed and if all things goes well then it is possible to debut a first batch and send it to sponsors in April 2014.