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Wednesday, 1 June 2022

E-bike introduced by Vanture city with frames possess Mortise and Tenon joints


There is an E-bike introduced in a Vanture city, providing ease to the buyer to assemble the E-bicycle aluminum frames with Mortise and Tenon joints instead of welded joints that is not appealing by many people from appearance perspective.   

The most prevailing benefit of such kind of E-bike is to assemble and dismantle anywhere with ease relative to bicycle containing aluminum frames with welded joints. Such welded joints leaves behind a mark, whereas in case of Mortise and Tenon joints, the Tenon with its protruded tongue of one of the frames slides into the other frame containing Mortise hole in it. Also it is claimed by the company that Mortise and Tenon joints are stronger than welded joints that are especially made for the straight aluminum frames to provide smooth ride.

The Vanture city E-bike have used 6061 aluminum type frames for its different portion i.e. top tube, down tube, seat tube, seat and chain holding areas. All of these frame areas contain Tenon that fixes into holes of Mortise, where steel bolts have been employed around the Mortise to firmly attach with Tenon.  

E-Bike conversion kit

The E-bike with its conversion kit is shipped to the customer in disassembled form with a hex wench and guided sheet to assemble it. Such branded E-bike comes with the rear hub motor of 350W and two different versions have been introduced for US and UK/EU countries that assist the rider to speed up the vehicle up to 25 mph (40 km/h) and 15 mph (24 km/h) respectively. The Lithium ion battery with a capacity of 36V and 7Ah is used that is capable to cover a distance of 40 km in a single charging time.  

E-Bike with Mortise and Tenon joints
The Electronic bike also comes with an additional features of stem integrated LCD display, hydraulic disk brakes, carbon belt drive train, and Swiss rims with an accumulative 15.5 kg (34 lbs.) weight. The price varies depending on the features requested by the customer whereas, the whole E-bike cost around $ 2,399 respectively.