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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Thermometer That Displays More Than Temperature


Kinsa Thermometer with extension cord 
If someone has got a fever then a thermometer is used tocheck temperature of a patient and that procedure has been followed from decades. What that thermometer can do is just only to check either a patient have a high temperature or not and it will never tell why patient have a fever and what are the possible remedies you can do. In essence of this a temperature measuring device called ‘Kinsa Smart Thermometer’ has been developed. It’s nota medical tricoder but possess above mentioned qualities.

Detecting Fever By Inserting Thermometer 
Under Tongue
Thermometer has no built in processor neither battery nor adisplay but simply having two ends. One Kinsa thermometer accompanied by aniphone displays the result of a patient in a digital and fancy demeanour.Actually it’s not finish here and having so many other qualities beyond yourthinking.
of it should be replaced under patienttongue and other end is inserted into a headphone port of an iphone having anandroid version in it. The software of

Profile Creation & Record Of Every Patient
First a user of Kinsa thermometer can create a profile of apatient to keep records of temperature and symptoms over time. However thatinformation can be forward to a physician if indispensable. A user can use theapplication to see current health related records similar to patient record orcan also access to a member of Kinsa group for better solution. The applicationwill tell you about every possible treatment regarding to the symptoms ofpatients and if you feel that doctor should be contacted then you are not faraway by just one click, it will arrange appointment with the doctor in a nearmedical centre to your location or can consult to a nurse of Kinsa.
Searching Near By Medical Centre 

The founder of Kinsa thermometer is Inder Singh who worksformerly for Clinton Health Access Initiative. His plan is to stop spreading ofdiseases by alerting people earlier from their illness. He and his co-workersare busy in raising of funds for this application so that a pledge of 25 US$ willbe spent by every patient of buying a Kinsa thermometer. This is only possiblewhen they achieve their funding goal.