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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Survival Straw (NDūR) Enables Unclean Water Drinkable

Survival Straw (NDūR) Filters Water for Drinking

Survival Straw
If a person wants to drink water, he or she candrink it either from a tap or twisting a bottle cap but if you are in a threedigit heat place where you can’t find such facilities then a pond of water inrocks shade is a gift from God. Here the question came into mind of uncleannessand infectious of water. The scientist has made it possible to drink byinvention of NDūR Survival Straw.

In such situation there is no enough time to burn afire for boiling of water. All you have to do is to follow your intuition anddrink it through use of NDūR Survival Straw. There is one limitation that youhave to keep searching of ocean water rather than finding salty water becausethat device does not make it drinkable.   
NDūR Survival Straw Prototype

NDūR Survival Straw has a built in device offiltration system that makes dirty water drinkable. One precaution you have tofollow is to avoid the mouth of that device from touching to dirty water. Allyou have to do is to just dip its other end in water and suck it from its mouthside.

A filtration system is designed by the Seychelle Companythat has also manufactured his own Pure Water Straw. NDūR allege that the device is capable offiltering water up to 99.9 percent including elimination of all chemicals andheavy metals up to 99.99 percent and also purify water from viruses andbacteria’s up to 99.9999 percent before water came into your mouth. A systemcan filtrate 25 gallon (95l) of water and after that there is need of filter tobe replaced.

Survival straw is marketed in every place by keepingan aim in mind especially for travellers, endurance kit preparing forcatastrophe areas and for countries where clean water is not available. It canalso be used by third world countries. The cost of that device is cheap ofalmost $30US that everyone can afford it and can throw in a dump when there isno use of it.       

Thursday, 13 June 2013

IntellectualM Bracelet Examining Proper Hand Wash

IntelligentM bracelet monitors hospital staff hands wash 

IntelligentM bracelet scrutinizing healthcare workers hand
As it is surprising to hear that a chances of a person sickness are more when he or she is in a hospital. In HIAs when admitted to a sanatorium and almost 100,000 of people die annually. There is a one way to reduce such infection by examining health care workers to clean their hands after some interval of time and systematically. All this can be done by an intellectual bangles device that should be wear on their wrist.    
united state, one person out of 20 people is infected with

There is so diversity in that technology of addressing the hand hygiene problem. One of old method was the human observers that are situated at hand washing areas for observation of properly being washed. It is impossible to situate observers in all kinds of such places as some people swab their hand more properly when they are being watched.

The possible solution for this is a device named IntelligentM.
An IntelligentM bracelet can be wear by any person in a sickbay such as it can be used by nurses, doctors, workers, technicians and all other members that are intact with patients. The device possesses accelerometer connected with a microprocessor. The function of accelerometer is to detect hands movement and also application of hand sanitizer during washing.

IntelligentM wristlet consists of RFID tags located on it where washing or sanitization is required. If a person did not cleanse his or her hand for long interval or proper specified time then the buzzer beeps three times or once a time if a person washed hand properly. In addition to this it tells the record of a person washing procedure. If a person did not sluice hand appropriately then an administrator can check every person records for inspecting their hygiene where he or she had done infringement. It also provides time and location where lapses have been done.

According to MIT report that technology has been used in a hospital of Sarsota, Florida since last December and two more clients from the same state has adopted that device.  

Sunday, 2 June 2013

NEC Launches First Water Cooled Smartphone


Smart Phone with Cooling System 
You heard that phrase ‘my phone is getting hot’. It means that there is an extensive use of processor by means of an extensively used application in a mobile. Desktop computers have the capability of using water cooling system for their processors that prevent from overheating. So why could not Smartphone’s have such those qualities? The NEC has revolutionized a model Media X N-06E such a first water cooled smart phone.

The Media X N-06E has a processor of quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro running at a speed of 1.7 GHz. The heat of that processor has been extracted out from sides of water filled heat pipe. This type of chip can be easily found in LG Optimus G Pro and HTC One but neither of them having the capability of preventing overheating related issues.    

The chip they used have the ability of clocking speed of 1.9 GHz but NEC is stuck to 1.7 GHz for that water cooled phone so that the use will experience new boost performance. The benefit given by NEC is that it enhances life of a chip and introducing a cooling sensation to a user hand.

The feature of that phone are tremendous acquiring of Android 4.2 application running on it, 13.1 mega pixel camera, a 4.7- inch 720x1280 OLED display, a battery of  2300mAh, water resistant & dust proof casing (IPX5, 8/IP5X) giving opportunity of submerging it into a water pool that is also good to prevent it from getting hot.   

As pink touch is given to that mobile with sparkle accessories, is commonly designed for the women by keeping it in mind. It is going to be release in Japan in end of this June with collaboration of NTT Docomo.