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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Compacting CPU Inside Mouse Box

Mouse Box PC

CPU Inside a Mouse Box
The technology is getting revolutionized each day and the size of devices becomes diminutive. This sort of innovation is done for the ease of people by compacting things that are easily portable. Now the new advancement is going to be done regarding size ofa CPU by compacting it inside a mouse called ‘Mouse Box PC’. The only thing that needs is to interface keyboard and a screen with it to make it fully functional similar to a laptop or desktops PC.

The most fascinating thingis its size that provides the facility to take along with you at the place of presentationwhere projectors or monitors are available. The Mouse Box PC will replace thelaptop bag, exerting weight on shoulders with a simple pocket. The processing speedof ARM CPU inside a mouse will be 1.4 GHz dual core. The flash storage provisionedby it is 128 GB with a two USB 3.0 ports and micro HDMI output as an interface.The Wi-Fi facility is also available by such a mouse shaped PC. The only drawbackis the unavailability of enough storage room provided for personal programs andfiles but this thing is compensated by the Chromebooks where you don’t have to takesuch heavy data in your CPU memory. There is also some working done on a correspondingmouse pad to use it as a normal mouse. For instance, there is a button providedon it that will act as a switch from normal mouse to a CPU while duringworking.      

The prototype has beenmade and is fully operational and just waiting for the investors in order tomake it commercially available. According to its specification it will not runon a heavy OS (operating systems). The OS that were going to be used are ChromeOS or Linux and no more information has been revealed up till now. The pricewas also not declared but Mouse Box PC developers have said that it will beavailable inexpensively all over the world. Till now the funding has beengranted and Mouse Box developers have shared a video. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Avy's Elegant Amplifiers in a Tablet

Avy's Smart Speakers in a Tablet

Avy's Smart Speakers in a Tablets
Smartphones, tablets and the sort are the new big thing to everyone, who’s anyone, interested in the spectrum of features one may brag about to another. However, despite their all-new technological superiorities against one another, the devices are seen to be neglecting music cravers of today. It is indeed visible that a little attention has been given towards mobile devices regarding development in their audio section by making add on speakers less attractive sound wise. Now the Avy Smart Speakers will be going to debut at CES 2015 and is designed in a way that Android-based tablet and a Hi-Fi system will be merged for the audiophile. Zettally’s Avy Smart Amplifier is connected via internet device focusing on the flexibility of a tablet combined with great stereo potential weighing about 1kg (2.2 lb). Yeah, it sounds a bit odd to actually carry it around in the market but it’s meant for domestic use that "will turn on the soundtrack, connected to your life," but that device can still be portable.

The Avy is actually a tablet itself and doesn’t need any stand accompanied with powerful amplifers, we’re talking big here. It is a brilliantly elegant all-in-one sort of thing, not needing external additions. It has a Lollipop (5.0) OS enabling it to run common apps as well, while instating a musical playlist for the entire day with songs being streamed from the net, another device or Avy’s own memory even.

Apart from that videos can be streamed from Youtube and Hulu with a content display on screen through HDMI or Chromecast. Hence it is a perfect accessory for comforting and workout and can be used as a television in kitchen, providing interface to Skype, or as an alarm clock.

The Avy comes in black or white colors, is driven by a quad-core ARM 1.0 GHz processor with DDRIII RAM of 1 GB.  A memory of 8 to 32 GB and can be extended up to 64 GB via microSD cards. For connectivity it supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. It requires a power of a 14.8 Wh from rechargeable battery of lithium-polymer. Avy controlled through 7 inch screen of TFT with capacitive touch with 1024 x 600 pixels and also controlled remotely. A device also supports video conferencing through front-facing VGA camera and integrated microphone.

The two speakers of 5 Watt are the main attraction with proprietary sound chamber and waveguide. The speakers dimensions justify within the specification of Avy that is 35 x 11.7 x 12 cm (13.7 x 4.6 x 4.7 in) and attracting public towards its pace at CES where Zettally hopes to attract the sponsors in order to go for a kick starter campaign to meet its initial amount of US$50,000 that is going to be started at 12 of Feb.

After campaign the Standard model will be for US$129 and the Pro for $169. The retail price has not been set whereas after 12 Feb the pre orders will be for US$169 and US$229.

Written by: Salman Tariq