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Sunday, 28 June 2015

lenovo smartphone and android watches with mood showing shoes

Lenovo advancing in technology : Mood Showing Shoes and advanced Smart 

Lenovo is going to reveal smartphones, big screen smart watches and mood dependent shoes with virtual or projected screen as a exceptional feature as compared to other existing smart phones.
 In the recent technology event Lenovo has looked on the new possibilities and future developments
Lenovo Smart Watch
inthe field of smart watches, smart phones and has applied this concept further on mood displaying shoes. Lenovo wants to change the future of smart phones that do not need to be necessarily touch directly on the screens but rather projected displays could be used instead making it more fun and easier for the user to use the advanced smart phones technology. Well Lenovo is not only thoughtful on the smart phones only but have rather came up with something to be introduced in smart watches also, the smart watches screens might get an increase in their size by like 20 times compared to the screens currently. Lenovo feels like replacing the smart phone with a smart watch which would be having more functionalities, this can be seen because of their Magic View concept, the thing is that smart watches display seems to be limited to them so they want to make it more bigger and better, so that customers while using cannot only just get notifications or be able to see the time. The Magic View smart watch concept seems simple enough because it would offer a virtual kind of screen that would be used to for example view a picture although the smart watch would need to be raised to a certain level.
Lenovo comes with a Smart Cast view as well, in this they are planning to have a built-in laser
Lenovo Smartphone
projector inside the phone along with the motion detector which would be used to cast a virtual image or more like we can call it a touch screen. This screen would allow a keyboard to be displayed let’s say on a horizontal level surface but the twist is that it is not only going to be limited to this rather it would enable the users to do stuff like perhaps sketch a picture. If we look into the history we would see that a similar concept was applied by Samsung earlier though the response was not that high as expected, however advancing in technology and being able to have more functionality of this kind in smart phones is a good desire. Coming onto shoes, Lenovo is thinking about Smart Shoes now, so what basically do they mean by smart shoes? These smart shoes are more of fitness and mood detectors like a fitbit flex or Moov, they would track data related to the users health and also the
Mood Display Shoes
mood of the person. Yet these shoes could be used as an alternative to maps, the more focusing thing is that they have a screen portion on the sides of the shoe and this is where the mood of the person would be displayed.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Awair : Air Monitoring Equipment

Awair: Air Monitoring

Awair Air Monitoring
Inthis era, fossil fuels are being burnt at consistently due to which theenvironment is being polluted rapidly especially in big industrial cities. Thepower plants and cars contribute most in polluting the air in which we breathein. However clean air as we all understand is essential for life and if we areconsistently breathing in low quality air which contains high concentration ofpollutants such as carbon monoxide then that could be really dangerous for ourhealth.
Nowthis is the reason why Awair has been introduced in the market, Awair is aproduct of BitFinder, Awair monitors the air in our home with the help ofmultiple sensors. Awair would provide us with information which we could use toimprove the quality of air in our houses. We can for example use it for givingus recommendations on perhaps reducing the chances of allergies. Awair works bytaking multiple readings of different factors which affect the air such ashumidity of air, the room temperature, plus concentration of dust and air pollutants such as carbon dioxide / carbon monoxide, these include some organic compoundsas well. These all factors are taken into consideration before it provides theuser with the Awair score.

Anotherthing which Awair also does is that monitors the person behavior in the room,not only this but it gives recommendations on how to bring about a change inour way of living for improvements in air quality. This product can be usedtogether with some other devices such as purifiers and filters so that thesecould be used in a combined way. This can also be connected to a smart phonewith the help of Wi-Fi. Now coming onto the shape of Awair, this is also prettyneat and tidy, first of all it has a compact design and it is not much spaciousso thus it can be put almost anywhere easily. It size is 16 x 9 x 5 (cm). Theprice of Awair is $149.