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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Wearable Technology : Best Wearable's to buy in 2015

Latest Wearable Tech Products

Technology is advancing day by day so it feels good to keep updated with the latest wearable’s available in the market as well, that is exactly what we would discuss over here, about wearable technology. We would start our list with a wearable released just recently .

Apple Watch

1 : The Apple Watch : Released on 24th  April the Apple watch nowadays greatly in focus. The Apple watch was introduced with 3 versions, casual, sports and the gold edition. The screen size of this watch is 1.32 inches, while battery life is of up to 18 hours and it has an iOS operating system along with a capacitive touch screen, Bluetooth, Wifi and not to mention the Apple Watch comes in with numerous choices in terms of color combination and styling.

2 : Nixie : Almost all of us like to take selfies but only few of us might be knowing about Nixie, it is main made to take selfies, it is designed as a drone with a camera that follows users in mid-air and takes their pictures or makes videos, and yes we can wear it as a bracelet after we are done using it.

3 : Oculus : Now this one is indeed impressive it is a head-mounted virtual reality display, the Oculus gives a view of a full circle angle and it can be used with headphones to make things more real and thrilling. The Oculus Rift however has not been released yet hopefully we would see it in the upcoming year.

Kairos Watch
4: Kairos : Until now the watches available were either traditional or smart tech watches, however Kairos would be unique in one main aspect, these would have a traditional and along with it a tech touch. Kairos have an OLED touch screen, availability of Bluetooth for connecting with devices plus a battery life of about a week since it contains the traditional analogue for time.
As in case with Apple watches, Kairos come with 3 color choices.

Fitbit's Flex

5 : Moov : A new device made for fitness conscious people. Moov acts as a training instructor, it helps the user to become more better with the workout. It assists the person training to get his postures accurate, not only this but it also offers inspiration to boost the confidence in the trainee.

Blocks Watch

6 : Blocks : Surprisingly this is name given to a smart watch, Blocks smart watch would bring a change that would replace your need to buying a new cellphone every year, it would have a 2 GHz processor. Well this is not the only thing, Blocks would also pave way to a 8 MP camera plus a SIM card. It would allow us to add third party modules through the Blocks store.

Fitbit's Flex
7 : Fitbit’s Flex : This is a fitness wristband which is available in a variety of colors but it’s not contained till its looks it also has appreciable  features. First thing it keeps track of our day’s activity, it also monitors our routine and facilitates wireless syncing. It is also water proof and has a good battery life.

8 : LG G Watch R : This watch is one of the best looking watches which have been recently released. The watch is water and dust proof and is compatible with version of Android 4.3 or higher versions.

9 : Ringly : Ringly is a small smart watch, it keeps you updated with the notifications of your apps, emails and social networks, it does this by syncing with your smart phone.

Breitling M2000

10 : Breitling M2000 : It might seem like another common watch but it comes with its own specialties, this is a stylish watch for deep sea divers as it has been stated as water resistant to up to 2000 meters under the sea. It is priced at $3575.