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Friday, 19 December 2014

Touch Display on Wrist through Bracelets

Wrist Touch Screen by Cicret Bracelets 

Cicret Bracelet showing wrist touch sdisplay
Cicret Bracelets are based on a unique idea and it would be a new phase to touch screen technology once these bracelets are available in the market for purchase. As we are aware that nowadays we mainly have touch display phones or tablets with us but once these cicret bangles are launched the touch screen technology would be on our wrists and not only concentrated till contact screen phones and tablets. 

The Cicret Bracelet wasdesigned only a year ago and it took about 6 months to just only design itwhich is like half a year for this purpose only, by the name we can judge thatthis gadget is simply like a bracelet but not just any bracelet. This Braceletmainly includes a Pico projector along with a row ofeight proximity sensors which direct themselves towards the persons arm. A goodthing is that it is a standalone device which means it does not need to beconnected with any other gadgets for use. Once it is activated with a twist ofthe wrist the bracelet projects an Android Interface onto the persons arm whois wearing it. The sensors in this device sense the fingers of the personwearing the watch and make it easy for them to use it like a person would justany gadget just like a smart phone however this lacks something’s compared tothe smart phones, one such is that we are used to good smart phone screenswhich are very responsive to our touch but the touch of Cicret bracelets is notthat much great neither is it much responsive nor does it have that graphicclarity which we are fond of using in smart phones and the main thing which istyping is also not that much good as well so definitely Cicret bracelet lacks alot till now and it would have to be improved if it wants to have a big marketfor itself. The Cicret Bracelet includes an accelerometer and a vibration unitnot only this but an LED used for notifications as well. The gadget isconnected with the help of Wi-Fi, blue tooth is also an included option andalso a micro USB port along with it. Now coming onto its features, they allowthe consumer to browse the internet, to play games and as well send and receiveemails. The thing is that it can still be connected to another smart phone ifwe want and we can just receive the calls onto this through this method. The Cicretbracelet is not yet in markets because it is still raising funds for theproject to get completed but once it gets completed estimates are that it wouldcost round-about near to $400 to the customer.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Slimmest Smart Phone Vivo X5MAX

Vivo X5MAX the Thinnest Smart Phone

Slimmest Vivo X5MAX Smart Phone
The Thinnest Smart Phone till now named as X5MAX is manufactured by Vivo, a Chinese company. Now you would all be wanting to know that what is actually its size that we call it as the Slimmest Smart Phone, Vivo X5MAX is only 0.19 inches thick which if we compare to i-Phone 6 that is 0.27 inches thick so it means that Vivo has reduced the thickness by a big percentage and it would be really hard to see if any company makes a more thinner smart phone. Coming onto the body of X5MAX it consists of stainless steel as well it is not all plastic like most smart phones which are coming nowadays so we can see that it is really a different.

This does not have Android 5.0 Lollipop version in it but the Andoid 4.4 KitKat version and 64-bit Snapdragon CPU. The Vivo X5MAX has a 5.5-inch with 1,920 x 1,080 Super AMOLED display along/including 400 pixels per inch quality as well. Even though this is the slimmest smart phone which we have yet seen still the manufacturers have managed to make a 3.5 mm headphone port and this is like really necessary for the music lovers. One more feature related to music is that Vivo has fixed audio chips inside the phone along with a Karaoke mode, with the person sing along with their songs which he/she is playing while the mobile adds echo like effects to it. Well not only this, the smart phone is also has a dual SIM tray which enables the person to make a combination of a Nano or Micro SIM cards with a micro SD card along with it. Vivo X5MAX would be available in the market for purchase for round-about US $486.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Latest Nexus 6

New Nexus 6 

Nexus 6
The first thing which is different about the new Nexus 6 is that it has a pretty big screen which is  Quad HD AMOLED display which makes it great display case for Android 5.0 Lollipop version, we can consider it to be a good combination of hardware with its software. An advantage which we can take of this new Google Nexus 6 is that it really pushes away the need to have a mini tablet since this is round about the size of it, it is suitable for the big touch screen lovers and is an ideal replacement for tablets. The good thing is that even though it has a big screen but yet Nexus 6 is only about 7 percent heavier than the recently released iPhone 6 plus. The Nexus 6 measures 159.26 x 82.98 x 10.06mm although it is a bit more than the previous Nexus 5 but do not forget that you are getting a handsome enormous smart phone as well.
about 10 percent more bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note. The new Nexus 6 is not only about a big screen phone, we can consider it like a phablet as well or a mini tablet as well on other hand it has a color-rich

The Nexus 6 also has a 13 MP camera and its image quality can be considered good outdoors especially, not only this it has a dual-LED flash that enables more even and colorful pictures. The smart phone includes Optical Image Stabilization as well. This smart phone is not only about the looks but it has a moderate battery life time as well you can easily watch 3 movies at least. The best thing about this is that Nexus includes Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology which would charge up the battery to a good state within a few minutes.  It also has front-facing stereo speakers which are pretty good in fact but not more better than the HTC One M8.

If you are thinking to buy a smart phone currently now it would be a tough work for you since the thing is not only about Nexus 6 but we can also see that in previous months iPhones and Galaxy Note 4  have also been released so choosing out of these can be hard but the main reason to choose a Nexus would definitely be its bigger size that would be making it more like a phablet and that it is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop version. Next coming onto the pricing Nexus 6 takes the lead here because it would be available at US$650 full retail price which is lesser than both the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We would most probably recommend you to go for this one since its cheaper, bigger and reliable.
( Pic from

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Generating Electricity through Tulip Solar System

Concentrated Tulip Solar Power Plant

Concentrate Tulip Solar System
The tulip concentrating solar power plant has been initiatedby the AORA Company for the Ethiopia country.  Such focused solar power plant has been working in Israel for five years. There is also a work done on it by another country such as Spain so both countries collaborated for research and development in it. Such concentrated tulip power plants developed in both countriesare capable of generating electricity.
The system consists of a tulip shape, a long tower that issurrounded by an array of mirrors that are equipped with solar trackers. Thefunction of solar trackers is to move in direction of sun thus helps inreflecting the light from mirrors to concentrate on a tulip tower. Suchconcentration of light helps in generating a high temperature of air such as1000ºC (1832ºF) inside tulip tower and due to that steam turbines are run andthus producing electricity.

Such system is also provisioned a facility of operating atnight or cloudy hour by running plants generator on natural gas or diesel thusmaking it capable of producing power continuously. The most advantage of suchsystem on other concentrated solar power systems is that the system does notrequire any cooling media such as water as other systems does. This is a greatbenefit for Ethiopia that is a partial arid country.       

The tulip system is going to be build for Ethiopia in nextyear where the plan is to use other types of plants also that can be used inoff grid locations such as locally by people with the help of trainingprovisioned by AORA staff.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Security Through Genie Intelligent Lock

Advanced Genie Smart Lock for Safety

Genie Smart Lock
Genie the smart lock consumes in less power compared to other smart locks, Smart locks are pretty quickly and that is why the makers of Genie Smart lock designed this battery becoming more in use and gaining more popularity because of security purposes. Many security locks run out of their battery.Genie smart lock in a way which uses less battery compared to other security locks. The main area of focus hence was made on battery consumption in the Genie Smart Lock. The price of this Genie Smart Lock is as always given in the end of the article.

Genie Smart Lock let's the owners unlock the door with the help of a smart phone through the use of Wifi and Bluetooth it accomplishes this purpose.The good thing is that the owners can unlock their doors from any place where they are without having to go to their house like if somebody comes at their house but this thing can be accomplished mainly when there is a Wi-Fi connection available. They can also simple unlock their door by just walking to the door with the smart phone. Not only this guests or other people can be granted temporary door unlocking permission as well, so these are really good features of the Genie Smart Lock which consumes less power.
The battery life of genie smart lock is guaranteed to be as 12 months per charge compared to just one month of other smart locks per charge so this is a great advantage and the main point which is responsible for more sales of Genie Smart Lock, the batter life aim is achieve by making use of Bluetooth low energy (BLE), as the lock gives out BLE signals while the Genie hub receives those signals which is also a part of this Genie Smart Lock system, this makes less energy consumption possible as the Genie Smart lock is not connected to any internet connection and neither is scanning for it.

Genie Smart Lock has another key included for emergency locking purpose since battery comes to end at one point or another, another good feature of Genie Smart Lock is that the lock works with standard 54-mm door holes and this helps it to be able to replaced with another lock without leaving anything or any kind of trace so this can be really helpful for those people who live in rented places.

Now coming onto the price of the Genie Smart Lock there are two prices set, the pre-orders can be set on for $249 this would include: lock, the hub, 2 traditional keys, a Bluetooth fob and also in it are two Bluetooth eKeys included, while the one which is more expensive is of $329 the only additional thing in it is the unlimited Bluetooth eKeys.

Arc design HD Sony Bravia S90 TV

Sony Bravia S90 The Curved HD TV

Sony Bravia S90 
The Sony has debut new high resolution HD TV called Bravia S90 in the market in competition with other companies.

Given the frequent displays of one-upmanship from LG and Samsung over the last few years, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they were the only companies to manufacture UHD televisions. Of course other players like Sharp, Panasonic and Sony have all been knocking out 3,840 x 2,160 resolution TVs for at least as long as LG and Samsung, some even longer. Sony Europe has today announced that it's joining the curved 4K TV sparring ring with the launch of its Bravia S90.

The Sony Bravia S90 UHD television will be available in 65- and 75-in models, with a "precisely-calculated curve" that looks to be somewhat less pronounced than the curve on the gargantuan examples from LG and Samsung. Nevertheless, Sony Europe says that viewers can look forward to "spectacularly immersive, natural-looking 4K pictures" at four times the resolution of Full HD TVs.

As you might expect, both S90 flavors are packed with Sony display and audio technologies. You'll find its Triluminos Display for more vivid reds, greens and blues than on conventional white LED screens, X-tended Dynamic Range that automatically adjusts display brightness and contrast and the X-Reality Pro picture engine, which upscales regular TV broadcasts and Blu-ray movie entertainment to up to four times as many pixels as High Definition. And both models come with two pairs of active 3D glasses for stereoscopic viewing.

The TVs come with a built-in 4.2 channel Multi-angle Live Speaker system that uses separate drive units to mimic immersive surround sound. Two woofers have also been incorporated inside the curvy TV for some extra low end thunder, and viewers also have the option to link up an optional wireless sub. ClearAudio+ Discrete Processing has been included too, to keep the original multi-channel mix intact. There's also an integrated webcam and microphone for big screen video chats.

Unfortunately, Sony Europe is keeping tight-lipped on pricing and availability at the moment, and it's not known when (or even if) the new TVs will be shipped Stateside.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Details

Sony's New Tablet Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 Tablet
Sony is launching it new tablet by the name of Xperia Z2 Tablet,this Xperia Z2 tablet would definitely take attention of a lot of peoplebecause of its specifications and details and Xperia Z2 would definitelycompete well with the iPad Air of Apple in the market.

Now let's start with what is really inside the Sony's new XperiaZ2 tablet which is the slimmest and the lightest water proof tablet

First of all starting with the weight of Sony Xperia Z2 tablet whichis only 439 grams/15.49 oz and thismeans this is definitely going to be really light weight. Next are thedimensions which are 172 x 266 x 6.4 mm/6.8 x 10.47 x 0.25 inches and it has a GoogleAndroid Version of 4.4 (Kitkat) while also 2.3 GHz Qualcomm MSM8974AB and it isa Quad-core tablet. A good feature is that the Sony Xperia Z2 is water proofand also dust resistant. And I also forgot to tell that the Sony Xperia tabletwould be available in two colors which are black and white.

Now coming onto the more detailedspecifications, the Sony Xperia Z2 has a capacitive touch screen plus theQwerty keyboard as well, it also allows screen shots capturing not only thisbut it’s pixels are 1920 x 1200 along with 16 million colours and at last has aTriluminos display for mobile’s. The tablet also has a back and front camera,the back camera is 8.1 mega pixels while the front camera is 2.2 mega pixels,it supports video recording as well, it enables smile and face detection notonly this but has HDR for pictures as well as films, touch focus is also in italong with the burst mode and scene detection. Face unlock is also anotherfeature of this Xperia Z2 tablet.
The Sony Xperia Z2 tablet has a Ram of 3 GB while a flash memory of 16 GB and it supports a microSD card of upto 128 GB, the applications which are already installed in it are GoogleChrome, Google Maps and Google Play. The connectivity comes in with remotecontrolled applications, Wi-Fi and hotspot availability, it is licensed by DLNA,has a Bluetooth 4.0, it supports usb charging, it has a 3.5mm audio jack aswell, the synchronization is done through active sync, Google sync andFacebook, it has MHL 3.0 has also and not only this but screen mirroring and TVside view as well.
We can easily expect to beentertained by this tablet, the first thing is that it is certified by PlayStation, next is that it simply allows video streaming as well as 3D Gaming, ithas a TV launcher and also FM radio.

The price of Sony Xperia Z2tablet has not yet been announced and so we are expecting it to come soon, Isuppose instead of buying an iPad air by Apple one can go for this Sony tabletas well, since they are also competing well with Apple products and probablythe price we can expect it to be lower than that of Apple’s. The design of thistablet is also in my view better than that of the Apple’s iPad air, the Appleone is more rounded while this is rectangular which in my view is gives it anice look along with the bold border. If I would buy, my choice would be theSony tablet.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Japan makes World’s Fastest/Quickest Camera

World's Quickest Camera

The world’ fastest/quickest camera has been stated to be made in Japan now with the help of researching teams of University of Tokyo and Keio University, the world’s fastest/quickest camera takes 4.4 trillion frames per second (FPS) which is very impressive, the two Universities used the new STAMP (Sequentially Timed All-optical Mapping Photography) system to develop the world’s quickest/fastest camera according to their claim on it being the world’s quickest/fastest camera.
World's Fastest/Quickest Camera
The World’s fastest/quickest camera takes pictures of resolutions of 450 x 450 pixels, it is said to be so fast that it can be used to capture the conduction of even heat that travels at almost the speed of one/sixth of the velocity of light.
How the world’s quickest/fastest camera takes pictures so quick?
This camera uses a way known to be as femto-photography, using this way the camera takes pictures in a single shot without needing to re-measure again like the way things happen in the other high speed camera’s. So this is the way through which it takes about 4.4 trillion frames per second, the researchers also state that this is made possible by making use of ultra-short laser pulse which splits into separate pulses of which each is in different spectral bands, this helps in taking successive shots of the full scenario.
Talking about this in simple words the item which is being photographed by the world’s fastest camera is, many beams are successively illuminated on it which is sent by the femto-second laser. There is also a system of mirrors in the camera which helps to take shots of different parts of the object capturing a view of each part/side of the item, this part is along with the flashes from laser part which is used to capture small parts of the item is then known as the composite whole part.
The researchers have also claimed to use this camera for taking images of the periodic oscillation of atoms in a crystal which is known as lattice vibrational waves and along with it also the plasma dynamics as well

This research work has also even been published now in the journal known as Nature Photonics.

Friday, 12 September 2014

New Timex Ironman One GPS Smart-Watch

Timex Ironman GPS Smart-Watch 

As the title states we would discuss about Timex’s newly revealed Ironman one GPS Smart Watch that does not even require a smart phone and is a standalone type of watch. This Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch was developed with the partner of Timex with AT&T. This Timex’s Ironman One GPS watch is a 3G included smart watch.

Timex Ironman GPS+Fitness Smart Watch
The best thing about Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch is that it does not require to be paired with a smart phone unlike the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch. Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch it has several features, we will be talking about them as well.

This Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch would make you leave your smart phone at home because of it’s 3G feature which allows you to receive messages through email, enables connections with other people as well.

Look below the features for the price.

Features of Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch:    
  1. Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch has 3G connectivity as well however there is a price for 3G, the good news is that a year of 3G is free (included in cost of watch).
  2. The GPS can easily track speed, distance and pace in real time, and is water resistant up to 50 meters (164 ft).
  3. Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch is also water resistant, about/near to 50 meters so this is a good quality of the watch again.
  4. This watch also has a 4GB storage which can be probably used for storing in music/song’s that can be played via a Bluetooth easily.
  5. The battery life of the watch is 72 hours but it drops to 8 hours if all features in the watch are switched on.
  6. Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch has another unique safety feature which can be said as Find me with the help of this one can send his exact location via an emergency alert, this can prove very helpful for hikers.
The price of Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch is set as to be $400 and it is available also for pre-order since it would be available in market by fall, this watch is available in two colors which are black and green.

It will make you leave your smart phone mainly because of its likely functions to the smart phone, for example it focuses on fitness people who can take it in the morning run instead of a smart phone, they can use it for playing songs and using their mail also through it easily however app support I am not sure if it would also be available to a bigger level most probably it would not be available to that higher level.
A Spark Watch that makes you alert 
Put-On Innovative Sony SmartWatch 3

A Ring Watch in a Finger

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Put-On Innovative Sony SmartWatch 3

Wear New Sony SmartWatch 3 (SW3)

The main thing we perceived about the new Sony SmartWatch 3 (SW3) is its wearable strap that extrudes out around the corners of its display. The band proceeds with the lines that we have seen from years ago in Smartwatch 2 which truly isn't a decent thing, with a cheap feeling of rubber surface. This deign have a streaming outlines that are joined together with the strap, make the gadget an evolutionary fitness tracker as compared to premium smartwatch. 
A Latest Sony SmartWatch 3

The back of the watch feels solid and premium (Photo: Chris Wood/
Display Brightness of SmartWatch 3
Fortunately, things become more emanate when we look at its body. The back board is made of stainless steel with a high quality of brush finishing. The quality is actually more as compare to Asus Zenwatch, however it adds an extra exceptional feel when wearing it. There is also a stylish clip that provides a strong clasp. The product provides fitness in a people life because of providing some functionality such as accelerometer (for measuring speed of your body), compass (points a direction), gyro (a tool for measuring or retaining orientation) and GPS (Global Positioning System).  
The strap doesn't scream quality, but the clasp is sturdy and looks slick (Photo: Chris Wo...
Straps with Stylish Clip 
Its display brightness is difficult to judge under bright light of IFA show floor; however in picture the display of 1.6-inch (320 x 320) is bright and sharp enough to see and is about keeping pace with LG's G Watch.  

The Sony SmartWatch 3 (Photo: Chris Wood/
Brightness Display of  SmartWatch 3
Dissimilar to prior Sony SW3, the new model contains Google's Android Wear. The response regarding flipping through the card-based and notification- centric UI was smooth enough as compared to other devices, operating on same software. The display of a smart clock is in light weight in contrast to round wristwatches and easy to forget its mass on wrist.

A standout amongst the most intriguing things is the replacement of a new SW straps. Dissimilar to numerous different makers, Sony does not select a standard 22 mm strap; however the rubber is extended around corners of its display that covers the display too. In order to change the strap, a body can be taken out by applying some pressure at sides of a watch and select a different one. The drawback of this is that you can't utilize any old 22 mm strap but Sony has solve this problem by releasing two more colors in strap i.e. white and pink in addition to black and lime green colors.   

Our general early introductions of the SW3 were somewhat blended. The gadget felt generally keeping pace with the LG G Watch that exhibit of displaying a basic sportier look. Sony's try to make it a fitness product rather than a enamored timers that may well speak to customers who are not fascinated with the outside looks (or maybe costs) of the Moto 360 and G Watch R.

Also in any event, its Android Wear programming is going to make the SW3 an enormous change over a years ago unmemorable Smartwatch 2 that is operated on simple Sony-made firmware.

Starting yet, there's no official word on estimating or accessibility for the SW3, thought expected time for its availability is in this autumn. So there is no price available till now.

Timex Ironman GPS+Fitness Smart Watch

Friday, 22 August 2014

Nomiku with WI-FI system makes Sous-Vide Cooking easier

Nomiku 2 Nomiku Sous-Vide including Wi-Fi now makes cooking easier:

A wifi has been added to the Nomiku's sous vide cooking moreuser-friendly and more easier for it's users, as we know cooking is a dailything in homes so a wifi has added to Nomiku's sous vide cooking has madethings more accessible as the sous vide cooking can be accessed through a wifiand it can be remotely controlled to browse through the recipes. The team whichdid this is Nomiku immersion circulator and they have really done a good job.The new model is said to be more powerful and also smaller, which can be seenas an added benefit.
This sous-vide cooking system has vacuum sealing food, theimmersion circulate makes sure that the temperature/heat is kept constant. Thenegative point is that the cooking process is not a fast one, it also dependson the type of dish which we are cooking, for example cooking meat can takelike even 48 hours (that is like two days!) but again the good/positive pointof this sous vide cooking system is that the food once it is cooked tastesgreat since it becomes tender and in a way cooked in the best manner whichmeans that sous-vide gives a good fruit for our patience in the end.
Previously these equipment's (sous vide) were mainly used atrestaurants and not in homes because of their high costs but now products ofNomiku's for example the Anova have lower costs making their price even gounder $300, which means that it has become more accessible to everyone.
The Nomiku 2 has been improved by replacing the previouscoil heater in the sous vide to the PTC heating unit, it is even though now more compact but it has been made moreefficient as it uses 1150 watts of power and this reduces the time span neededfor cooking using this sous-vide by about 15%-20%, along with it the touchscreen size has been increase and not only this the new one Nomiku 2 useslesser water and is designed with only a single knob for controlling thetemperature, it's compact shape makes it easier to clean as well.

Nomiku's inventors are also aiming on making their sous-videsimpler, they will equip this (sous-vide) with 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi which couldbe controlled through a smart phone app which would be named as Tender Appsince this is how people would be able to browse through and share sous-videsrecipes.

Well the Nomiku's sous vide would in starting be mainlyavailable to US/CANADA citizens, a $10 shipping fee would be added for Canadiancitizens, while they would be able to get it in a price of $149 mainly and in2015 the US version would cost about $249.
Image taken from arstechnica.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Spark Watch: The watch which keeps you awake, acts like an alarm - Spark Watch

Spark Watch – Spark Watch : The Watch which keeps you awake.
Spark watch, we can say it the waking watch or even the watch which keeps you awake is a special kind of watch which is being made for people to keep them awake during important times, this watch does not let users sleep and it sparks them when they are in a state of falling asleep, we all know time is very important and so this watch is made for us to realize it’s important as well.
How does the Spark Watch work?
The Spark watch would have two included motion sensors, one of these a three-axis accelerometer would detect the velocity of the person’s movements while the second one which is a 3D motion frequency sensor would measure how often these movements take place by how much time intervals we can say it in a manner, the watch when it senses that it has remained still for a long period of time it just starts its 12 volt vibration motor which is also adjustable and then like this it buzzes the user to get alert again. So the spark watch works in rather a simple manner while doing a very important job for its users.
Specifications of the Spark Watch ?
The specifications of this Spark Watch are not that much unique, the Spark Watch is simply water resistant plus it has a stainless steel body along with it, it has a full colored 240 x 240 (1.63 inch) screen as well and it is light weight only has a weight of just 100 grams which is tenth of a kg.
The price right now is stated as about $49 but after it is retailed the price which might be set if about $150.
What makes a Spark Watch different from other Watches?
As we know simple watches only tell us the time or we can at most set timers/alarms at those watches to let us know that it is the time for that specific work of ours however the Spark watch apart from telling time helps to keep us awake as well at all times when we are wearing it so that we do not fall asleep at an anonymous place.
What if one wants to really sleep and is wearing the Spark Watch?

If one wants to sleep he/she cane easily just go to bed and just take the watch off from their hand wrist and the watch would automatically be out of its ON mode.

New Timex Ironman One GPS Smart-Watch

A Ring Watch in a Finger  

Put-On Innovative Sony SmartWatch 3

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Solar Cells which cool by themselves (Self-cooling solar cells)

Solar Cells which cool themselves

Self Cooling Solar Cells
Cooling cells system has been made now. Solar cells and solar systems as we know are getting widely used now; solar cells or we can say Photovoltaic cells are a good source of alternative renewable energy since solar system is going to stay and would not run out like the fossil fuels. Talking about what solar cells/Photovoltaic cells these are quite simple, they do not have any kind of moving parts but they are emission free and also very clean. However the problem is that solar cells/photovoltaic cells are quite inefficient that is they get heated up or get over-heated which is not a positive thing.
How do the solar cells cool by themselves?
Stanford University team under the supervision of Electrical Engineer Shanhui Fan created this system/made this discovery that is developed self cooling solar cells to make them more efficient.

How do solar cells self cool – We are living in the world of technology which is increasing day by day and modernization plus development is taking part in every part of life and things related to life. Now getting to the real thing how solar cells self cool, The Stanford University system used mainly a glass layer patterned with micro-pyramids and cones to shed/relieve heat so that the solar cells could easily cool off themselves by releasing heat from the cells.
Why is cooling done in the manner described above?

Why is cooling done in the manner described above – There are other active systems of cooling like ventilation or through coolant pumps but these systems consume more power on other hand the passive system of cooling is not used since it can hamper/hinder with the solar panels own operations. So this is the reason that solar cell cooling is done in this manner which is that these cells are covered with a very thin layer of that is ornate with silica glass which is designed in a way to release heat from the cells, the best thing is that this system does not require any energy.
Why solar self cooling system was needed?

Why solar self cooling system was needed - According to research of the Stanford Team the efficiency of solar cells/photovoltaic cells dropped by about 0.5% on each degree Celsius heating, the worst thing was that these solar cells needed self cooling because the amount of efficiency doubled as the heating increased so this was a real need that self cooling solar cells system was introduced and discovered.
Hope you liked our article relating to how solar cells system helps to cool the solar cells/photovoltaic cell.