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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Health and Technology

Technology and Health (Benefits of Technology) 

You might have noticed that technology is benefiting our health but how is it benefiting our health? Read the full article and you will find out that what good (virtuous) effects technology has on health.
The first thing is the internet factor, research has shown that more than 60% of people search health related things on the internet now this tells us why there are a lot of health sites, people do not only use it to search things like how to lose weight or how to gain muscles since these are very common but now medicines and health care products are being purchased through online stores and people are even able to solve their health related problems online by interacting with doctors who also now can be found on the internet that means it is reducing the need to go physically to a hospital to get a simple checkup as it can be if not entirely but still can be done to an extent online, check this life saving product which can be now used at homes :
Now coming on the next thing which has its own importance and which shows a major role in saving millions of lives and giving people more chances to survive, the advanced medical equipment and machines such as those used treat brain tumors, gamma knife surgery, heart pace makers and many more. Let’s not forget that without these medical appliances diseases would have been more severe to dealt with. So this is one major way in which technology is lending us a hand to stay healthy.
Next item which we can highlight in this article is the mobile technology which has improved to a great extent making communications cheaper and easily accessible that has also laid a new gateway to solving health problems just from simple touch on phone which means that if we can access doctors from anywhere in the world and get in touch with them although this might not be needed that much but still contacting doctors even in the same city at any hour of the day when we might have some problem regarding our health we can solve it without having to wait. So as communication gap has been over-come through technology it serves as a health service. Not only this technology gives doctors a better chance to specialize in their fields as well.

Apart from this we are able to access information about different diseases and get to know more about them, it helps us in taking precautionary measures which proves helpful to us. Moreover medical trends of different diseases are also taken in note by search engines such as Google which are helpful during research and possibly show how the success ratio by which a disease is controlled.