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Wearable Technology

Latest Wearable Technology Products

 is advancing day by day so it feels good to keep updated with the latest wearable’s available in the market as well, that is exactly what we would discuss over here, about wearable technology. We would start our list with a wearable released just recently.        Best Wearable's to buy in 2015  

MC10 Biostamp :

Mc10 Stamp (source :
Well first of all coming to what Mc10 Biostamp is actually, to put it in a simple manner Mc10 Biostamp is a very thin electronic sheet which is just like a sticker that can be laminated or put onto our skin. It is somewhat like a bandage which can be put onto our skin but its purpose is .... 

Mouse Box PC : 

CPU Inside a Mouse Box
The technology is getting revolutionized each day and the size of devices becomes diminutive. This sort of innovation is done for the ease of people by compacting things that are easily portable. Now the new advancement is going to be done regarding size ofa CPU by compacting it inside a mouse called ‘Mouse Box PC’. The only thing that needs .... 

Compacting CPU Inside Mouse Box

Wrist Touch Screen by Cicret Bracelets :

Cicret Bracelet
Cicret Bracelets are based on a unique idea and it would be a new phase to touch screen technology once these bracelets are available in the market for purchase. As we are aware that nowadays we mainly have touch display phones or tablets with us but once these cicret bangles are launched the touch screen technology would be on our wrists and not only ...


World's Fastest/Quickest Camera
The world’ fastest/quickest camera has been stated to be made in Japan now with the help of researching teams of University of Tokyo and Keio University, the world’s fastest/quickest camera takes 4.4 trillion frames per second (FPS) which is very impressive, the two .... 


Timex Ironman GPS+Fitness Smart Watch
As the title states we would discuss about Timex’s newly revealed Ironman one GPS Smart Watch that does not even require a smart phone and is a standalone type of watch. This Timex’s Ironman One GPS Watch was developed with the partner of Timex with AT&T. This Timex’s Ironman One GPS watch is ...


Sony Smart Watch 3
The main thing we perceived about the new Sony SmartWatch 3 (SW3) is its wearable strap that extrudes out around the corners of its display. The band proceeds with the lines that ... 

Put-On Innovative Sony SmartWatch 3

Spark Watch :

The Watch which keeps you awake :

Spark Watch
Spark watch, we can say it the waking watch or even the watch which keeps you awake is a special kind of watch which is being made for people to keep them awake during important times, this watch does not let users sleep and it sparks them when they are in a state of falling asleep, we all know time is very important and so this watch is made ...

A Ring Watch : 

A Ring Watch
There are many other forms of watches for instance wrist watch, pocket watch etc. The evolution does not end to this so there is another innovation of introducing a new concept of watch i-e a Ring Clock or Ring Watch. The team behind this idea has launched a ...